The Company

Chengdu Space Relocation Service Co., Ltd showed up in Chengdu as a destination service provider with an innovative, efficient, and result-driven principle. The faculty of Chengdu Space has delivered professional relocation services to hundreds of expats and multi-national corporations in three cities including Chengdu, Chongqing, Shanghai.

Space不動産仲介会社は2014年に重慶に設立され、2018年に成都会社も設立 しました。 Space不動産仲介会社は海外駐在者に安全でプロフェッショナルな 住宅お引越しサービスをワンパッケージで提供させていただきます。中国大都 市のオフィスで、各駐在者のリクエストに応じ、コスト.時間面で効率のよいお引 越しサービスの提供及び世界的大企業の中国全土における海外駐在者リロケ ーション戦略へのソリューションも提供させていただきます。

Our Key Objectives

  • Provide one-stop solutions and tailored services for expats and multi-national corporations in Chengdu, Chongqing, and Shanghai.
  • Ensure complete satisfaction for customers and ensure compliance with corporate policies.
  • Reduce corporate administrative costs and corporate internal workload.








Our Services

Chengdu Space Relocation Service is readily available to ease expats’ transition and help reduce the complexity of international relocation. We have broadened our support scope to cover as many aspects as possible for your life in Chengdu, making the relocation process stress free with our efficient, heartwarming, and professional services. Our team at Chengdu Space is eager to help you find a nice apartment in Chengdu, solve all the house related problems while leave you space to  discover the typical laid-back life style and Sichuan culture. We are friends and even families, every staff in our team wish to contribute to your wonderful experience in Chengdu. We look forward to meeting you!








Home Search

To find you ideal home in China. Our solid database offers a wide range of properties suitable to clients’ needs, ranging from serviced apartments, residential apartments, to houses.

City Orientation

Taylor made city orientation plan to get you familiarize with the new surrounding  and visit the place of individualized interest.

Tenancy Management

  • Arrangement for improvements
  • Help arrange maintenance and fixing service
  • Lease Management
  • Financial payroll support


  • Immigration like work permit & residence permit
  • Driver license application
  • Pet license
  • Police clearance letters


  • Set up banks, sim cards, domestic helper
  • Wifi able to browse international sites
  • Overseas TV channels


  • Help arrangement of moving from third company
  • Domestic and international moving service
  • Cost effective international parcels shipping

Additional Services

Apart from what listed above, we can assist in car rental, temporary hotel booking, etc.  Anything you would need, we standby here to provide the best solution for you. Only with your feedback, can we continuously improve and keep delivering high-quality services.