Chengdu’s Newest Metro Map


With the development of Chengdu, transportation is becoming more and more convenient

In 2010, Chengdu opened its first subway line, Line 1. This marks the beginning of the era of Chengdu subway.

So far, 13 subway lines have been put into use in Chengdu

In 2021, Chengdu’s second airport, Tianfu International Airport, has been put into use. At the same time, Chengdu has also designed a subway line, Line 18, which can directly reach the new airport.

Anyway, the subway plays a very important role in the daily life of Chengdu people. By subway, you can easily reach any place in Chengdu, and the price is also very cost-effective, ranging from 2 yuan to 12 yuan.

The newest Metro map, please click here to download.