• FY000555ID
  • 89 m2Area
  • 3Bedrooms
  • 2Bathrooms

Apartment Information:

  • Name: 中粮鸿云/Cofco Chance
  • Address:  Intersection  of Tonghui Street and Huiquan North Rd.,  Jinjiang Dist., Chengdu
  • Chinese Address: 成都市锦江区通汇街与汇泉北路交叉口
  • Transportation: Around 12mins walking to no.2 line Dongda Road subway station
  • Built Year: 2016
  • Shops/Malls/Bar:  the Mixc, Wanda Plaza
  • Management Fee: 2.9Rmb/Sqm/Month

Located near 2nd ring road and MixC Mall, Cofco Chance has total 10 blocks and 2400 apartments. There is Lotte world next to the compound, including supermarkets, shopping stores, coffee shops, etc.   Easy to commute with BRT and subway to the city center.  Since it is very close to downtown area, it only costs around 10 minutes to Chunxi Road by car. If you want to find  apartment downtown and rental not too high, this compound could be a great deal.  It was finished in the year 2017, therefore the equipment like elevator, supervisory control all operate very well.   That’s also one of the reasons that many foreigners would like to settle down here.

Equipped with center AC, seperate shower room, western toilet, this apartment saitisfy your basic needs. Simple and modern decoration, you can easily shape it to an ideal home. The owner knows a lot about expats needs and are very reasonable. This would make your life living here easier and more comfortable.

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  • Air purifier
  • Balcony
  • Central Air-conditioner
  • Dish-washer
  • Disinfection Cabinet
  • Heating
  • Laundry Dryer
  • No Furniture
  • Oven
  • separate air-conditioner
  • Water Purifier

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