• XT000321ID
  • 220 m2Area
  • 2Bedrooms
  • 4Bathrooms

Apartment Information:

  • Name: 紫檀II期/ Sandalwood Section II
  • Address: No.39 Tongfeng Rd.,  Wuhou Dist., Chengdu
  • Chinese Address: 成都市武侯区桐凤路39号
  • Transportation: Around 15mins walking to no.1 Tongzilin Station
  • Built Year: 2017
  • Shops/Malls: Carrefour
  • Management Fee: 4.8Rmb/Sqm/Month

Sandalwood has two sections, one finished in 2009 and second one in 2017. It is next to Tongzilin area which is a wealthy residential neighborhood to the south of Chengdu.  Here has a lot of nice western bars and restaurants, that is why it attracts many foreigners to live regard regardless of the high rent.  Tongzilin is quite an old area in Chengdu, new property launches are limited. The most famous foreigner residential complex such as Master and Europe City have almost 10 years’ history, while this compound is newly built. Nearby facility such as market, bars, restaurants and subway are very complete.

Newly furnished with good quality furniture, this apartment has almost everything. Floor heating, center ac, oven, dishwasher, dryer, etc. Formaldehyde test has been done and can provide the report. The owner quite understand what expats need, and are friendly to communicate. The pictures is exactly what you see in real.

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  • Air purifier
  • Balcony
  • Central Air-conditioner
  • Dish-washer
  • Disinfection Cabinet
  • Heating
  • Laundry Dryer
  • No Furniture
  • Oven
  • separate air-conditioner
  • Water Purifier

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