3 Nice Apps for Learning Chinese

We always find it very hard to adapt to a new place, as we speak different languages and have different cultures. While we still have to deal with local people and lifestyle every day from taking a taxi, purchasing fruits from street pedlar. Here comes the thinking, maybe we should learn some Chinese? With some efficient apps, you will find learning Chinese is not that hard as you might think. So We share you three wonderful apps that you may consider adding to your list.


If you are new to China, HelloChinese should definitely be your prior choice. There are 10 languages to choose form the setting. HelloChinese consists of tons of game based curriculum, covering all aspects: reading,  listening, writing, vocabulary and grammar. The main course is serial of daily dialogues focused on speaking out.  For starters, It provides basic course about Pinyin,which helps you to pronounce unknown words. The best part about the course is that even though it was designed from easy to difficult, you can always choose what you are interested first. Meanwhile the role-play portion of the premium+ plan is really fun and engaging.


FluentU is one of the most unique apps among the all other apps. FluentU takes genuine video content from the real world (drawn from YouTube) and classified by genre (movies, songs, TV). The coolest part is that FluentU always record what you have learned and suggests content base on what you already know. This is quiet amazing and truly personalized. Also FluentU features dictionary function. Any word you do not know, simply search on the app and add it to your vocabulary list, you will get the explanation and examples related to the words. One more thing to mention about FluentU is that you can not just learn Chinese but also another 8 more language including Spanish, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Russian.

Du Chinese

Du Chinese is an app for Android and iOS for reading Chinese which provides over 600 Chinese lessons, and 5-6 new lessonsare  added every week. Du Chinese try to explain phrases in Chinese while of course with English translation. A simple tap on any word you do not know,  the dictionary shows you what the word means in that particular sentence. But this app may be better for people who have learn about Pinyin at least.

There are hundreds of apps to learn Chinese and we probably miss one of your favorite, Please share your experience with us and help other expats to get the one for them. Anyway tool cannot replace you to make you succeed, you still have to make it by yourself. Good luck!