Picking Grapes by Hands

There are endless activities you can do during this summer, and we’ve rounded up ones that you’ll like it when you are tired of Chengdu city life. And this month is the right time! Driving around one hour from Chengdu to the countryside, breath the fresh air and pick grapes by hands.

It’s an ecosystem farmland which size is around 8 millions square meters. The farmland is divided into two sections. One section is for amusement where you can go fishing or rock climb or play mahjong over there. The other section is the garden which includes the ecological vegetable garden and grapes garden.

About the grapes, they have over 20 different kinds of grapes. have you ever tried rose flavor grapes? Have you ever seen the grapes on the trees?

Seize the time, don’t miss it!

Address: Mingbo ecosystem farmland, shian village, xindu district, Chengdu(成都市新都区石庵村茗铂生态农庄)

Open time: 08:00am-08:00pm

Entrance ticket: Free

Grape Price: 20-300rmb/kg