14-day Quarantine at Home/Designated Places for All CTU Arrivals

Nucleic Acid Test for All CTU Arrivals in designated hotels 


14-day quarantine and observation at home or designated places

From March 18, 2020, all people who enter via the port of Chengdu, and those who enter via other ports of the country and the came or returned to Chengdu must undergo the full process collective health monitoring and prevention and control management. You are required to take epidemiological survey and nucleic acid test in designated hotels.

Those who get abnormal result will be transferred to designated hospitals for treatment according to relevant regulations.

Those who come or return to Chengdu from high-risk countries or regions and get normal result  will be transferred, by local authorities of relevant district (city, county) according to territorial principle, to designated places to undergo 14-day medical observation (for some special cases, after strict evaluation, home quarantine could be implemented). Other arrivals will be transferred, by local authorities of relevant district (city, county) according to territorial principle, to us


The expenses for accommodation and boarding incurred during the quarantine shall be covered by themselves. The expenses for examination and medical treatment shall be classified as follows:

-For those who have registered in basic medical insurance of the People’s Republic of China, the expenses will be covered by local government’s subsidies.

-For those who have not registered in basic medical insurance of the People’s Republic of China,  the expenses shall be covered by themselves.

  List of High-risk Countries

The high-risk countries or regions include Japan, Korea, Italy, Iran, France, Germany, USA, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, UK, Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, Austria, and Denmark.

  Health Declaration

All International arrivals shall truthfully declare their health status. Personnel who refuse to cooperate, intentionally conceal or falsely declare the information, resulting in the spread of the epidemic or serious risk of transmission, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than seven years and shall bear corresponding civil liability for compensation in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases and the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China.