How to Buy Train Ticket Online without Knowing Chinese

Living in Chengdu, you cannot waste Chengdu’s role of top transportation hub in western China to travel around as much as possible. If you wish to travel like a local, train definitely is one of the best choices. Today we are sharing about how to buy train tickets online even though you do not know Chinese at all. But first you have to set up Wechat and activate Wechat Wallet, then simply follow our leads as following:

Once you fill in passenger information, the system will record it. Therefore, next time you don’t need to do again, just choose the right passenger.

Warning tip: it needs to be paid by wechat, have to link your wechat to a Chinese bank account.(How to set up the Wechat Wallet)

Want to check your booking, simply click the wechat wallet—Rail&Flights—Account to find your order.
How to redeem your tickets?
Go to the railway station counter, show your passport and then the staff will print it out for you. If you purchase more than one, you could require  to print  them all.
There are always long long queues in railway station,  you’d better arrive at the train station at least 1.5 hours before the departure time.( During festivals, better make it as early as possible)
Service Fee for Refunding 
1.Refund the ticket 15 days before the departure date, no service fee
2.Refund the ticket 48 hours before the departure time,  5% of the ticket as service fee 
3.Refund the ticket 24-48 hours before the departure time, 10% of the ticket as service fee
4.Refund the ticket less than 24 hours before the departure time,  20% of the ticket as service fee
If you print the paper ticket in advance, you can only refund the ticket at the railway station counter with your passport and paper ticket.