How to deal with a sewage smell in your apartment

Finally rent a nice apartment and settle down in Chengdu, you may imagine life would be much sweeter afterwards. But one day, you find a foul smell come from the bathroom and it keeps bothering you every time walk into the bathroom. Here comes the question, what causes that smell? How can I fix that? That is why we share this post today – to give you practical solutions to this issue.

Basically a foul smell comes from the drain, but there are several pipes in bathroom which means it can come from different places. One simple and temporary solution here is to pour a bucket of water down the floor grates and toilet bowl in bathroom. If you happen to have bicarbonate soda and white vinegar in your house, pour the mixture first. After it stops reacting, pour water. The smell shall be gone after half an hour.

Want to stop the smell forever? Read on!

First of all, look under the bathroom sink and see if it is U-shaped pipe that runs from your sink drain to wastewater pipe. If not, simply buy a U-shaped pipe on Taobao and replace it which you can ask for help from management office. The pipe is the same size in China, so you do not need to consider which one can fit. Or if the pipe is made of metal, you could even force ”U” shape without buying a new one.

I also heard another smart solution which seems quiet interesting even though I never tried-place a pingpong ball over the bathroom floor drain. After you finish a shower, the ball floats back into the hole and seal it shut which helps seal the smell inside. You may try it later and tell us how things work out for you.


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Then check if the gap is well sealed between toilet base and floor, between sink and the U-shaped pipe. If not, simply make a call to management office, someone will come and do it for you. Of course, they may charge a little bit. Or you can buy a glue gun on Taobao and do it yourself.


Copy and open it from your taobao

If the suggestions above don’t lead you to solve the problem, you may be facing a more complicated issue. Time to call the plumber!