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Thinking of moving to Chengdu? Not sure where to look for the best flats for rent in Chengdu? Looking for budget rate relocation services? You’ve reached the right place! Get in touch with Chengdu Space team and find the flats/houses for rent in Chengdu? As the best real estate in Chengdu, we also offer tons of additional services for expats in Chengdu.


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  • November 21, 2019

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Cover as many aspects as possible for your life in Chengdu, with our professional experiences, we are determined to make the relocation process stress free with our efficient, heartwarming, and professional services.

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We have thousands of real estate in Chengdu including apartment, townhouse, villa, serviced apartments and more. We will keep searching apartments according to your requirements until you are satisfied.

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Apartment/house rental, visa service, travel service, city orientation, satellite TV installation, additional services such as moving, learning Chinese, cleaning. Everything you need, feel free to reach us.